Creativity and Comfort

Our Story

DSMD Studios stands out for its multi-room layout that encourages a welcoming environment for inspiration while offering multiple mediums of digital and analog recording processes to capture lightning when and wherever it strikes.

DSMD Studios originated from a passion for music and a commitment to delivering professional recording services tailored to each client’s unique sound. Being a musician myself, the goal of DSMD Studios was to create an environment where artists can thrive.

The 400 square foot main live room features wood features throughout and meticulous sound treatment augmented by 14 foot A-Frame ceilings. A spacious isolation booth with look through glass for eye contact offers separation while maintaining connection for full band live recordings. The control room boasts 48 channels of analogue preamps and a large collection of outboard signal processing, top-tier AD/DA Converters, several monitoring options and much more. The fireplace room is a portal to the 1960s featuring access to the full recording desk, as well as a TEAC 3340 1/4″ RTR Tape Machine, original hardwood throughout and a 1950s Hammond M3 Organ. Lastly, the Disco Jungle Room not only provides vibe and comfort for writing but a small form drum kit, a plethora of instruments all of which are ready to track on a fully restored Yamaha 8-Track cassette recorder for capturing that specific sound or demoing out live writing sessions.

Our Values

Guiding Principles That Define Us


We are dedicated to delivering top-tier sound quality and professional recording services that exceed industry standards, ensuring every project is a masterpiece.


We foster a creative environment where artists are encouraged to explore new sounds, push boundaries, and unleash their true artistic potential.


We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, working closely with our clients to bring their musical visions to life through seamless communication and shared creativity.

Start Crafting Your Sound

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